The blog that will describe how people struggle from basic Chinese to full professional fluency.

Languages: Chinese

Self-studying Spanish using free online resources

Languages: Spanish

Helping others avoid the mistakes I made while learning Mandarin.

Languages: Mandarin, Chinese

Notes on learning English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and soon Russian.

Languages: English, Español, Portuguese, Italiano, Français

A blog covering 11 languages. Articles written by language teachers.

Languages: General

Teaching Arabic to the world!

Languages: Arabic

Mastering languages: Русский – Español – English

Languages: Russian, Spanish, English

Coaching Blog about Learning and Language Learning

Languages: Greek, Spanish, German, French

Ressource of Chinese Learning Material including many links to other Chinese Learning websites in German language and Reviews of (German) Chinese Learning Books and Software.

Languages: Chinese, Mandarin

The world through the eyes of a 16-year-old language addict.

Languages: English, Hungarian, French, Greek, Modern Hebrew, Esperanto, Italian, Korean etc.

The Chinese Fridge Blog provides Chinese learning tips for kids.

Languages: Chinese, Mandarin

Language-learning tips for the beginner and advanced polyglot--the blog deals with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Languages: French, English, other

How to learn languages

Languages: Indonesian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Modern Greek, Esperanto, Portuguese

Join me on my mission to get fluent in Mandarin!

Languages: Mandarin, Chinese

Links and resources for translators, interpreters and language learners.

Languages: General

Blogging about Chinese-into-English translation, interpreting and learning Mandarin.

Languages: Chinese, Mandarin

Games are used here to make learning languages more interesting.

Languages: General

Memory Aids for Learning Haitian Creole FAST, along with short no non-sense grammar Lessons!

Languages: Haitian Creole

My blog describes my language journey with Norwegian, and I try to prove that it's possible to teach oneself a language.

Languages: Norwegian, later Chinese

Providing tips for people that are interested in language learning

Languages: General

Learning Languages and Learning for Life

Languages: Finnish, Turkish, French, Russian, English

Helping you learn Vietnamese

Languages: Vietnamese

Australian Learn Mandarin Chinese Blog

Languages: Chinese

Articles discussing some of the most unorthodox yet promising Spanish-acquisition methodologies

Languages: Spanish

Italian private lessons and free exercises

Languages: Italian

talkREAL is about language learning in general and in our INFOworld we blog about our spanish learning experience.

Languages: General, Spanish

If you wish to learn Italian, you found the right blog! You'll have fun learning it with me :)

Languages: Italian

Globanova looks at language learning from a new direction. This blog is for the language enthusiast in all of us

Languages: General

Technology entrepreneurship and languages

Languages: General

A blog about the Italian language and culture written by an Italian teacher

Languages: Italian